Rubi McGrory

Rubi McGrory grew up in Connecticut, smack dab between NYC and Boston. With a freshly minted college degree in art and creative writing, she set off in search of something, anything that didn’t involve winter. It led to a two-decade career as a chef aboard private yachts and took her all over the world. She's now based out of Savannah, GA, where she earned a MFA and doesn’t own a snow shovel. 

Rubi isn’t going to bore you with a bunch of travel photos or pictures of meals she’s whipped up. Instead, she shares her irreverent observations about being human and other important things like sandwiches, lift kits, cake and beer.


Her new show, “Universal Truths and Other Findings” opens June 2nd from 5 to 8pm and runs through June 23rd at Location Gallery. Polystyrene reduction collides with superlative graphics to create a mixed media experience of unscientific principles and carefully studied generalizations about stuff like sandwiches, lift kits, pinky rings, airline food, comic sans, beer and other important subjects. 

Stacie Jean Albano

Originally from Long Island, New York, Stacie came to Savannah in 1990 to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. Graduating with  B.F.A's in both painting and illustration.

Starting a family and a career in landscape painting, she decided to remain in Savannah, finding inspiration in the beautiful low country wetlands. Not limiting herself to the Savannah landscape but, Long Island, Virginia, Delaware, and North Carolina are also frequent subject matters. Stacie Jean Albano has had numerous shows up and down the east coast and  is always happy to show at one of her original venues, the Gallery Espresso.

Dana Richardson

I found painting in a real way when I was in college.  I was studying painting at the Marchutz School in Aix en Provence.  There I had the experience  that so many plein air painters have of seeing color for the first time.  Five years ago I put a small landscape in a SCAD juried show and someone bought it, and that was the encouragement I needed to keep going.  I have been doing this work consistently since then.

My approach to the landscape is to encounter it in an unpremeditated way. It is enough to stand on the street and respond to the moment. I am interested in how the shapes in the painting interlock on a grid  in relation to the outside edges of the panel so that the piece ends up being a “locked” composition.  All the parts depend on each other to form the whole.

Lyn Bonham

Lyn Bonham, a fine art photographer, began capturing images over 25 years ago. Lyn studied at The Photographic Workshops in Maine and received her Masters of Fine Art degree in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her images are held in private collections and exhibited nationwide. She has taught photography at Savannah College of Art and Design. Lyn worked with Savannah native, Jack Leigh, to develop a summer workshop for young photographers that continues to be hosted by the Telfair Museum.

Laurie Darby

Laurie Darby has loved making art since she was a small child growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Darby received her undergraduate degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and her Master in Painting from Temple University's Tyler School of Art (spending her first year in Rome, Italy), Darby has taught at the Savannah College of Art and Design and at the Savannah Classical Academy.  She has traveled throughout Europe including Italy, Spain, Czechoslovakia, France, the Caribbean and Austria. She has shown her art throughout the United States.  In her work she explores the concept of capacity referencing African and animated forms.  The shapes in her paintings push against the boundary in the pursuit of limitations. Darby holds several accolades and has many honors including a Georgia Individual Artist Grant, residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and sculpture and the Hambidge Center, a Pollock-Krasner Award, and inclusion in the Georgia Triennial; she maintains a studio in Savannah, Georgia where she lives and works.

Daniel E. Smith

Every experience, from my early life in Brooklyn, New York, a very large family, and years of dedication to teaching as a member of a teaching order of monks, has provided me with the insight that is a framework for my art. I left the order to take a masters level in painting at SCAD and became a full time artist in 1999. My work is in collections worldwide. My first museum show, Building the Jepson Center, was in 2005. In 2011 the Jepson Center for Contemporary Arts accepted two abstract landscapes from my "In Plain View" series to add to the 12 paintings already included in their permanent collection. The love of color and form, a belief in the affect and effect of environment, and the excitement of communicating experience generate all my paintings.

Shea Slemmer

For ten years Shea has lived and worked in Downtown Savannah. Her large abstract oil paintings can be found in various private homes and businesses throughout the United States and Europe. When she is not traveling, (her favorite thing to do), you can find her in her studio overlooking Crawford Square.

Craig Stevens

Craig Stevens is a photographer, printmaker, and educator. He has taugh, written and lectured extensively on the subjects of art and education and is in his 27th year as a Professor of Photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design. He is also on the faculty of the Santa Fe Workshops and the Maine Media Workshops. His work is held in many public and private collections. Stevens works with a variety of formats from pinhole to panoramic. He has devoted himself to crafting prints using state of the art digital technology, archival inksets, and rag printing papers.

Adam Gabriel Winnie

Adam Gabriel Winnie is a trans-disciplinary artist and BFA painting alum of the Savannah College of Art & Design. After graduating suma cum laude in 2012, Adam decided to stay in Savannah and set up his studio as he saw great potential. Born in Michigan in 1981, Adam began exhibiting his work in 2003 and has been consistently showing his work both locally and nationally since. He has exhibited with the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, Sylvia White Gallery, The Vendue, Non-Fiction, The Grand Bohemian Gallery, Fresh Exhibitions, Camilo Pardo Gallery and many others. His discipline covers painting, drawing, sculture, photography, performance art, and audio-sculpture. His current studio practice focuses on charcoal drawings which use life-size figuration to express allegories and large-scale narrative oil painting. With his work, Adam strives to balance conceptual rigor with aesthetic impact while maintaining a high level of realism and craftsmanship. For him, making art puts the gravity of life on a relatable human scale.

John Tegley

John Tegley recently relocated to downtown Savannah from Southern New Jersey. He paints mainly with acrylics and pastels, creating abstracts and impressionistic work based on color theory and inspired by the waterways and Low Country landscapes. His paintings have been juired into major regional shows in the Philadelphia area, including the Philadelphia Sketch Club, the Perkins Center for the Arts, and the Medford Art Center.

W. Gerome Temple

W. Gerome Temple has been working in Savannah, Georgia as an illustrator for more than fifteen years. His work displays a meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. With each stroke of his pen, he creates dynamic, whimsical and otherworldly scenes of fancy. HIs drawings explore such genres as: Fictional Entomologies, Air & Atmosphere Club, Antiquity & Technology, and Circus. The common thread is his fascination with history and nature.

Brenda Turner

"What I like most about art is composition, whether I use figures, palm trees, or still life objects." Brenda Turner and her husband, gold professional, J.D., moved to Savannah from Iowa in 1996. Here she continued her work in watercolor. Her paintings were featured twice in American ARtist Magazine. These gouache or acrylic painitngs have been judged into over 70 national and regional water media shows. This May she received Best in Show Award in the Tallahassee Tri-State Exhibition (Fl., Ga., Ala.) Large oil and acrylic canvases are painted at her studio at Shipyard Road. Brenda holds a Bachelor of Arts in drawing and painting from the University of Iowa.

Georgia Walters

Georgia Walters was born in Canton, GA but now resides in Savannah. The main subject in her photography is usually family/couple portraits although every now and again a fine art landscape will appear in her portfolio. Georgia spent a few years in front of the lens as a model. Eventually she found that she felt more creative and comfortable hiding int he shadows of the viewfinder. She is a self-taught lover of Canon cameras and lenses althought a few Nikoners have tried to sway her heart. Georgia has won numerous awards as well as been publisshed in "South Magazine" and "The Oracle." Her work was most recently exhibited in the Georgia Natural Photographer's Association's juried show where her work, "The Distant Storm" placed 3rd overall. Georgia volunteers with multiple charities and non-profits such as the Savannah Humane Society and Savannah Pride. She loves spending her time seeing hte world through a viewfinder and capturing the sight for others to enjoy.

Meryl Truett and Friends Gallery

Founded in 2014 in the heart of Savannah's HIstoric District, the Meryl Truett and friends gallery was started by Meryl Truett, a fine art and editorial photographer whose work is exhibited and collected nationwide, who now teaches photography at Savannah College of Art and Design. The gallery exists in the lovely streets of Savannah, with artist from the greater South exhibiting mixed media, encaustic photography, jewelry, painting, wood, and ceramics.


Meryl Truett

Meryl Truett is a fine art and editorial photographer whose work is exhibited and collected nationwide. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2003. She holds a Master's degree in Media Arts from the University of South Carolina with additional art training in France. She has received numerous awards including an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Tennessee Arts Commission.


Melinda Borysevicz

A high school teacher once told Melinda Borysevicz, "you'll always paint," but it took a few diversions before she began to paint in earnest in a studio created on her front porch in Savannah. Shortly before her 37th birthday and graduated with a BFA in painting. She still lives in Savannah and continues doing what she loves best (painting, of course), and teaching it as well.

Lisa D. Watson

Watson earned a BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio and an Certificate in Interior Design from Learning Tree University in Chatsworth, California.  
Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries nationally including The Savannah City Hall Rotunda Gallery in Savannah, GA, The Armory Center for The Arts in Pasadena, CA., and The Gallery of Metal Canvases in Pennsylvania. 
Lisa’s mural work can be seen in four of Bill Viola’s Film Art Installations including Going Forth By Day - Deutsche Guggenheim Museum, Five Angels For The Millennium - Anthony d’Offay Gallery, London and The Passions - Getty Museum in Los Angeles.
Since 1992, Lisa has been freelancing as an eco-conscious artist, designer, film production art director and scenic painter. She approaches every project focusing on sustainability and guides her clients and co-workers thru the design process. She has created commissioned residential and commercial murals in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Hilton Head and Savannah, GA. Besides her scenic work on such projects as the Academy Awards, Fox Kids Network and many commercials, she art-directed infomercials and videos, including Hip Hop Abs and Gaiam exercise videos.
Lisa currently owns Plan It Green Design and founded Span the Gap in Savannah, Georgia. When not consulting clients in green interiors, outdoor living spaces and native and drought tolerant garden design, she produces art.

Cynthia Knott

I am most drawn to the effects of light on the water and the surrounding atmosphere. Painting on site by the sea in the tradition of "au plein air" enables me to observe nature at moments of sublime drama. In my paintings, I am not trying to capture an exact moment in time. I prefer to work when conditions are changing, the transition times of day into night, storm into clearing and vice versa. The use of encaustics enables me to transfer this mutability into the works themselves and the finished paintings keep changing constantly with the shifting light of various times of day.

Tara King

I am an artist, art teacher, travel junkie, and non-practicing lawyer who lives in the enchanting city of Savannah, Georgia. I create art because it allows me to share my vision of the world with others. I love how art enables me to transform things that are elusive into tangible pieces of work. My subject matter is constantly changing and evolving as I experiement with new concepts and mediums. My main goal is for the work to succesfully convey the admiration I feel towards my subjects and to expose the beauty in things that are otherwise overlooked. Accordingly, my current body of work focuses on exploring mixed-media techniques to create art that depicts the deeply soulful aesthetic of urban areas in the American South.

Peter E. Roberts

Raised by semi-alcoholic wolves in the tony suburb of Greenfield Hill in Fairfield, CT, Peter E. Roberts grew up amidst impromptu gatherings of neighbors, extended family and cronies from the Manhattan commuter train. The ribald, oft-repeated stories from those gatherings led to an early appeal of potentially explosive social situations. Exposure to a great aunt's personal cache of 1930s Mardi Gras Krewe invitations cemented a lurid fascination of how the celebrated night began, why it ended and who were the guests that may have behaved "badly". This innate love of storytelling led to a BFA in Video from Savannah College of Art and Design and over a decade in television advertising and production. Concurrently producing invitations and various paperama led to several GraphicDesignUSA Awards and the opening of Blackbird Press. His latest exhibitions have included narrative layering with 2 dimensional papercuts.

Judy Mooney

For Judy, sculptures are stories made solid. Born in Louisiana, Judy Mooney's life and work is a rich gumbo of experiences spiced with her admiration of all people and the love of sculpting. At the end of her career as YMCA vice president of community development, Judy returned ot the university to study art, began sculpting and found a latent artist within herself. She also found people with stories to tell within the clay in her hands. Today Judy is a studio artist in Savannah, GA. She works in bronze and ceramics. Her work can be seen in shows and galleries throughout the Low Country.

Carolyn Neely

Carolyn Neely is a Savannah, Georgia painter based in her studios in the historic district and on nearby Tybee Island. Following a career as a pediatric social worker, she earned an MFA at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Most of her work is done in pleine aire, where she finds inspiration in the lush natural layers of leaf, vine, and flower.

Bill Rousseau

Bill is a former Deputy Director and Executive Director of the Telfair Museums of Art in Savannah. He is also a graduate of Cambridge University and was Director of Technology at United Technologies Corp. Having painted as a hobby for many years, he retired early to move to Savannah, entering the MFA program at the Savannah College of Art & Design to study Old Masters style techniques. At the College he began to paint architectural landscapes of Savannah and the surrounding Low Country. The organic surroundings, the special architecture give a myriad of compositional and lighting choices. Ever changing light, historical significance are important themese in his work. In every painting, he strives to capture every detail and image at it's most beautiful moment. Bill's work can be found at Gallery 209 on River Street in Savannah.

Gabriela Olano

I am a Mexican artist who has been profoundly influenced by the Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros and the rebel and well-known artist Frida Kahlo. In my paintings and murals I try to incorporate symbolism and metaphor just as Siqueiros and Kahlo did. I like to capture personal stories and historical events, which allows me to portray the complexity of my subject. I came to the United States to study art at the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2003 and I have been living in Savannah ever since. Living here has enhanced my multicultural experience and influenced the content of my work.

Roots Up Gallery
Georgia Kyle Shiver

Since 1994, the Georgia musician/artist has produced msuic or art almost non-stop. His minimalistically rendered figures and bold lines garner him deserved comparisons to Harlem Renaissance painters and folk artists alike.


Danette Sperry

A self-taught wood artist who lives in a 1917 farmhouse in Georgia with her husband John, their cat Gabby, and dog Frito. Here they have created and appreciate a simpler way of life and enjoy having side-by-side studio space located behind their home.


Leslie Lovell

Primarily a self-taught artist with the help of a workshop here and there. Her style is organic in ceramics, jewelry, painting, and photography.


Linette Dubois

Grew up in Miami and Chattanooga, and has lived in Georgia since attending the University of Georgia. Painting has always been an essential part of her life. She now resides in Savannah and divides her time between working on a PTSD research study, painting in her studio, and taking care of her two sweet sons.


Michael Banks

A self-taught painter from Alabama, he has achieved a place in the world of contemporary American folk art. His portraitures have a trademark of round heads, wide set eyes, and imagery that seems to speak of the masks we hide behind and the internal demons we fight.


Sam Ezell

His work fits the classical definition of what folk art is--a style that is the result of the self-taught artist expressing themselves in ways that convey meaning and values within their culture.

Mia Merlin

Merlin is an internationally exhibiting painter and mother originally from Atlanta. She is a Professor of Foundations at Armstrong State University in Savannah, GA. A late bloomer, Merlin realized years after receiving her BA in REligion that her impulse to paint would not leave her alone, and that she wanted to learn how. She has been teaching for over 10 years at schools such as Georgia State University, Spelman College and Emory University. Merlin will be participating again this year in the U.S. Art in Embassies program, this time in Manama, Bahrain. She has had solo exhibitions at the University of West Georgia, The River Gallery in Chattanooga, TN, EMory University, and FAy Gold Gallery in Atlanta. Her recent paintings are scenes from her previous neighborhood, focusing on the beauty in the everyday, and in the impermanent, flickering nature of things. She is highly influenced by the post-impressionist fascination with light, creating and revelaing illusion, and emotional atmosphere.

Edward Richard Jones

Through constant learning and experimenting, and a lot of wood that ended up in the trash Edward Richard Jones turned himself into an artist. He retired from working for others in 2013 and has been striving every day to make his work better. He works with wood, sterling silver, copper, and brass. He expresses the beauty, emotion, experience, and creativity of life with his two hands.



Dan Kaufman

Dan Kaufman is an artist and fine art architectural photographer formerly based in Los Angeles and now proud to call Savannah his home. Dan began his lifelong vocation as an artist exhibiting his take on Jackson Pollock in Bowers Museum in 1965...and continuing as an architectural photographer to hang alongside Julius Shulman in the Chinese-American Museum in 2011. Dan's current Fine Art Photography is inspired by the work of Mark Rothko. The Haen Gallery in Asheville, NC represents his ROTHKO SERIES. His photos are also in collections at LACMA (Los Angeles Country Museum of Art), and the Chinese-American Museum (Los Angeles). DAn has also brought his passion for architectural photography and the history of Savannah as a founding city of our country to his recent work at Dan's Vintage SAvannah photographs are vintage in look, feel, and spirit only where (most) all objects of the 20th century have been meticuloulsy removed. The Downstairs Gallery in Savannah represents his Vintage Savannah series.

Christina Edwards

Exploring the rich world of color abstraction, Edwards' landscapes emerge one translucent layer of oil paint at a time. Using the structure of a horizon in space, real and imaged environments come to life as the paint drips, blends, and blurs. Her chosen language is one of structure, color, light, surface, and gravity. The colors and textures in the world around her are an ever constnat muse. The sky meeting the ground, the stained cement after a good rain, peeling blue paint on an old pay-phone, are all the objects of her artistic affection. Christina Edwards graduated form the first class of the Savannah Arts Academy and continued her arts education at the Atlanta College of Art, earning a BFA in Painting. Her work is a part of the permanent collection at the Jepson Center for the Arts, as well as in numerous private collections throughout the Southeastern United States, Germany and Portugal.

Abby Leigh Johnson

Abby Leigh Johnson is an artist and surface designer living and working in Savannah, GA. She left suburban Chicago in 2004 to study fashion design and fibers at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). She has always been drawn to Savannah's southern charm and artistic community, which influenced her decision to permanently move to Savannah. Abby's work explores the intriguing relationship between memory and object and she is often inspired by the hisotry, culture and beauty of Savannah. Fabric and sewing have always been an important part of her life and cloth is the perfect format of communication because of how evocative and familiar it is to the human race. Abby uses fabric as a canvas, textile techniques as paint and stitching as a drawing utensil, to create accessible works relating to the malleable form of memory. Her work is in private collections across the United STates and displayed at SCAD's Hong Kong campus.

Sue Gouse

"I simply paint my life. Apparently, there are lots of people who enjoy the same things I do!" Born in Tennessee, Sue has lived in 50 different places, including Mexico; settling in Savannah in the mid 80's. Upon retiring after 25 years as a clinical nurse, she began painting late in life. She is married with 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Her work has been exhibited extensively around Savannah, Tybee, & NC, & in juried art shows throughout the South. She is the owner/artist of Sue Gouse Inspirations. Sue enjoys painting with colorful oil paint, using several different styles: en plein air, studio, palette knife impasto, and her own "Confetti" style (named by her collectors). Savannah and the beautiful surrounding areas of marshes & beaches are all celebrated on Sue's easel, as well as the NC mountains & travel destinations.

Sue Gouse Inspirations
Gallery 9, Upstairs at City Market
309 West St Julian St.
Savannah, GA 31401

Downstairs Gallery
Morgan Kuhn

Painting primarily in oils, Morgan Kuhn, a native Savannahian, draws inspiration from the figure, landscape or still life cuaght in a moment of dramatic lighting. Musicians are a repeated theme in her paintings. "The power of the sounds, the colors and shapes of the instruments create a mood that is inspiring and a joy to capture in a painting."


Fran Thomas

Inspired by nature, Fran Thomas, former owner of gallery 440 works in a variety of media, where she finds excitement in the process of trying to capture the layers in which we view the world.


Frances Walter

Frances Walter's oil paintings are influenced by the French Impressionists and by the natural beauty of SAvannah's historic district where she resides creating art through color, texture and design. She has a MFA degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design and has been painting for 25 years.


Joy Daniels Schwartz

Joy, a low country native who has studied at the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio & at The Ringling School in Sarasota, Florida covers a wide range of subject matters from her love of natural southeastern coast surroundings to creating informal portraist in a setting familiar to their lifestyle.

Jeanne Elizabeth Svendson Campbell

Jeanne Elizabeth Svendson Campbell was born in South Louisiana in 1983. She grew up hunting and fishing with her family and eventually needed a way to document their trips. This gave way to receiving her first camera in high school. Jeanne finished her BFA in 2007 from SCAD with a concentration in photography and a minor in printmaking. After finishing school, Jeanne exhibited her photographs in several solo and group shows. Jeanne opened Galerie 124 in April 2015, a commercial art gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art working closely with emerging and established artists. The gallery also provides consulting and acquisitions services.

Robert Gibson Christian, III

Bob Christian has been creating art all of his life. After studying painting at the Atlanta College of Art in Atlanta, GA, Bob trained under John Rosselli in the field of decorative painting in New York City. In 1982, Bob relocated to Savannah, GA, to open Bob Christian Decorative Art, Inc., and to raise his three sons, Robert, James, and Henry with his artist wife, Julia. Bob's innate sense of style and taste combined with his artistic ability has enabled him to work with the country's leading interior decorators, and to become oneo fht nation's leading decorative painters. Bob travels nationally painting walls, floors, and ceilings. His work has been featured in nearly every national publication on interior decoration and is also featured in mahy private and public collections.

Julia Christian

The drawings and paintings I create come from digging deep in the heart of someone who was lucky enough to recognize a gift she was born with. When you truly know all you want to do is paint and draw then you find artistic inspriation to creat everywhere you are all the time. You begin a painting and the painting itself takes you there, through every academic and creative process needed form start to finish. As Picasso said, "painters are solitary melancholy public entertainers" and thank you Winston Churchill "happy are they painters for they shall never be lonely," You've either got it or you don't; it's all in the seeing, the energy, the passion, and the honesty of your painting.

Samantha Claar

Working from her art studio upstairs at City Market's Franklin Ward South, Samantha Claar celebrates Gullah-Geechee culture, which is defined by descendants of West African slaves living along the Georgia and South Carolina coast. Claar, who has earned accolades at the Telfair Art Fair, believes Gullah influence is part of what makes Savannah unique, adding to the rich local culture since the founding of Georgia in the 1700's. Using a bright palette and folk art-inspired forms, Claar brings Gullah stories and experiences to life in her paintings. Interestingly, this self-taught artist chooses to obscure the faces in her paintings, instead of giving them detail and specificity. A true colorist, Claar uses vivid hues to express emotion and to inspire joy. Her art is designed to enlighten and enliven, allowing visitors to bring a colorful piece of Savannah history home with them. Claar first began painting in the 1990's and has since become a popular area artist, exhibitin her work at the Telfair Art Fair, the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta, Hospice Savannaah and the JEA. She moved to the area in 2001 and feels a strong connection to the Lowcountry. Claar's motto, Live Out Loud, reflects her overall attitude towards art and life. "Sometimes I think of life - all of us - as a quilt, a tapestry, a painting with all of us putting in stitches that intersperse with the stitches others are making or choosing our colors to paint within this giant mandala. I want to use vibrant, happy colors and make my section of canvas or tapestry just as bright and beautiful as my perception of life which is something I share with the Gullah people I paint." Claar's studio is open from 10AM to 6PM, Tuesday through Saturday. In addition to a wide selection of paintings and prints, her studio has seating, so travelers can relax and visit with one of the area's most acclaimed painters. Stop by to see this talented artist in action!


Samanthat Claar - Studio One-A

City Market (upstairs) - Franklin Ward South -

W. St. Julian St.

Located above Belford's on Franklin Square

(404) 966-3647

Dana Richardson

A native of Sewanee, Tennessee, Dana Richardson holds a BFA and an MAT from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She spent a year at the Marchutz School of Painting and Drawing in Aix-en-Provence France. The school focuses on perception and the theories of Cezanne, whose studio was a few meters from the school. She has also studied the landscape at the Art Student's League in NYC, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the New York Studio School of Painting and Drawing.

Daniel E. Smith
I have been fortunate to have a rich and deep set of life experiences which contribute greatly to my work today. My early life in Brooklyn, New York, growing up in a very large family, years of dedication as a member of a teaching order of monks, has provided me with vision and insight that is the framework for my art. I left the order to take a masters level in painting at Savannah College of Art and Design and became a full time artist in 1999. Presently, my work is in collections in Australia, Europe, and throughout North America and the West Indies. My first museum show at The Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia was in 2005 and 14 paintings are in their permanent collection.
The love of color and form, a belief in the affect and effect of environment, and the excitement of communicating experience generate these paintings. The paintings you see are moments of awareness, contemplated, and allowed to develop into statements of belief. The act of painting implies a communal witness to the effort to understand experience. These glances of the world are my chosen vocabulary. The grammar is light and color.